Early Childhood Matters 2021

Climate change is especially dangerous for young children. Yet discussions about climate seldom refer to the fate of young children. They should.

This edition of Early Childhood Matters is dedicated to examining the many ways that climate change and early childhood intersect. In 34 articles, we hear from leading policymakers, researchers, educators, urban planners and activists from around the world, about how to both develop ecological resilience and improve well-being in the early years.

We also spotlight a critical fact: many of the measures that improve life for young children and their families also make cities more climate resilient.


From heatwaves to air pollution, how climate change affects children and their caregivers

Compelling ideas from around the world to combine climate action and healthy child development

New Approaches

Building movements that put children at the heart of the climate conversation

Issue Colophon

Executive Director: Cecilia Vaca Jones
Managing editor: Hannah Rothschild
Guest editor: Pamela Druckerman
Contributing editors: K.A. Dilday and Andrew Wright
Text editing: Margaret Mellor
Production assistant: Lynda Hoek
Design: Hallo Mondo
Illustrations: Cléa Dieudonné
Social media consultant: Jessica Wright
Online platform: Wolf&Player
Communication: Melissa van Well-Dijkshoorn and Alexis Camejo

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