Early Childhood Matters 2023

We need to reimagine support for caregivers.

Raising a child today often means handling the pressure to be the perfect parent with little outside support. Daily struggles are even more challenging if parents live in cities, conflict zones or low-income communities.

From expert analysis to personal perspectives, we begin to explore the support parents need to navigate their child’s first years of life – a period where their entire life also changes. The 24 articles in this journal offer insight from diverse traditions, policies, programmes and people. Together, they show why we need a person-first approach to caregiving and how we can get there, so that caregivers, children and entire communities flourish.


Courtesy of Paola Lizarazo Peña/Eye Mama Project

What does wellbeing mean for parents and other caregivers?

Why caregiver wellbeing is critical

Credit: Michelle Mildenberg Lara

Insights from real experiences of parents today

Reimagining support for parents and caregivers

Credit: Michelle Mildenberg Lara

Policies and programmes that make a life-changing difference

Wider perspectives on wellbeing

Credit: Michelle Mildenberg Lara

Expanding how we understand care

Issue Colophon

Advisory Board: Pamela Druckerman, Journalist and Author
Advisory Board: Michael Feigelson, CEO, Van Leer Foundation
Advisory Board: Chian Gong, Managing Partner, Reach Capital
Advisory Board: Zarlasht Halaimzai, Writer and Founder of Amna
Advisory Board: Lucas Johnson, Executive Vice-President, Public Life and Social Healing, The On Being Project
Managing editors: Hannah Rothschild and Charlotte Davidi
Guest editor: Tanmoy Goswami
Contributing editors: Andrew Wright
Text editing: Margaret Mellor
Design: Hallo Mondo
Portrait illustrations: Cléa Dieudonné
Section illustrations: Michelle Mildenberg Lara
Social media consultant: Shaun Lavelle
Communication: Alexis Camejo and Maria Diaz
Online platform: Wolf&Player

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