Early Childhood Matters 2018

The 2018 edition of Early Childhood Matters features keynote contributions from the President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos Calderón, on the ‘De Cero a Siempre’ policy; Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the WHO, on nurturing care; IRC President David W. Miliband on the humanitarian system and young children; and UN Special Representative Marta Santos Pais on violence prevention.

The 26 articles in this edition range across continents and topic, from a parenting programme informed by the Gross National Happiness policy in Bhutan to community health workers’ use of technology to treat maternal depression in Pakistan. Highlighting innovations, the path to scale and emerging initiatives in the field, ECM is again guest-edited by international early childhood expert Joan Lombardi.


Towards nurturing care: advancing early childhood development in 2018

Joan Lombardi


Global impressions

Bold leadership – or as we see it, the ability to mobilise people to solve important problems collectively – is crucial to achieving results for young children. In this section, leaders from governments, international organisations and funders around the world talk about why they have chosen to put babies, toddlers and the people who care for them high on their agenda.


There are many pathways to scale – taking a successful small programme, and making it work for hundreds of thousands of children – but the challenges are complex. In this section, practitioners and policymakers explore issues such as coordinating across different parts of government, financing, recruiting and training large numbers of workers, testing and learning, and putting systems in place that deliver consistent, cost-effective quality.


Before good practices can be taken to scale, we first need good ideas. In this section, we focus on innovations – new or emerging programmes, policies or services which have the potential to meet the needs of young children and their caregivers in a wider range of contexts.

Short takes on current issues

In this section, we present brief summaries of initiatives, publications or other resources which have come to our attention in the past year and which we believe deserve a wider audience.

Issue Colophon

Production editor: Teresa Moreno
Guest editor: Joan Lombardi
Consultant editor: Andrew Wright
Text editing: Margaret Mellor
Graphic design: Laura de Jongh

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